Thursday, 1 June 2017

Hello Hamilton Grammar!

Hello Hamilton Grammar!

This is Elorm from the ICT Dept. in Donkorkrom Afram Plains, Ghana. 

It's been a long time. How is everyone out there?

Wishing you all the best this new month. 

Sincere regards to students and Staff!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ghana Girls

Ghana Girls (Hannah, Kirstie, Ihram, Robyn & Katy)

We're currently posting from the ICT block, DASHS on day 6 of our trip.
We have thoroughly enjoyed what we have experienced and learned so far and the wonderful hospitality the Ghanaians.
We have observed both shocking differences and familiar similarities throughout our time in Ghana.
Some of the things we have done includes taking part in classes (Science, Mathematics & Government), visiting the local church, orphanage and hospital aswell as spending time with and getting to know the students we live alongside in the newly developed dormitories.

We have many more excting things to pack in before we head home at the end of the week.

We would like to thank Donkorkrom Agricultural Senior High School, Mr Forsson and all who have been involved in making this such an amazing experience.

That's all for now, we hope to post again soon.

Ghana Girls

Monday, 20 September 2010

Hi ,
I am Patience Sakaa in Donkorkrom GHANA. I am a student in DASHS and as well the girls prefect. i recieved your letters and am looking forward to write back to you. LAURA and SOPHIE.

Landers Abigail is my name.I am a student in Donkorkrom Agric Senior High School.I am in 3General Arts.I have recieved your letter and hoping to write back to Jemma Louise Ross.Greetings to all your friends.


Hi friends,
This is Elorm. I teach ICT in Donkorkrom Agric. SHS. Thank you all for making this partnership a success....bye!!

Am Mary Gbeglo. i
am a student in Donkorkrom Agric Senior High.
EMMA WALKER i Recieve your letter.
THANK YOU. Greetings to family & friends.

i respond to Gifty sena Ganyo a learner at Donkorkrom agric S H S I have read your letters and it sounds well in my CAITLIN BROWN.

I Am Sarah Darkwah a student in DASHS i have recieve your letter and it was interesting have a nice day SOHAIL

Friday, 10 July 2009


Akwaaba or welcome.

It is Ghanaian custom for visitors to introduce themselves and state their purpose of visit. So we shall do this on our partnership blog.

Elorm (aka Sunshine) and Marcus McGowan have already done this. We are now going to ask people who come into our ICT lab today to speak to you.


I am the Faculty Head of Science at Hamilton Grammar and have travelled to Donkorkrom with the support of the British Council. I am in the process of producing our partnership agreement with my friend Robert Forson and have brought a variety of pupil work from the HGS. Our welcome has been amazing and DASSH have reciprocated with music, dancing and educational materials for us. Progress has been beyond our wildest expectations and I wish to thank our new partners.

Michael Adofo Antwi

Hi am michael adofo antwi, am 19 years of age ,am student of Donkorkrom agric senior high school i am writting on a new laptop donated by some friend of my school from soctland.

from michael adofo antwi my nickname is MTN meaning Michael Trinity network.

Michael Yeboah

Am also YEBOAH MICHAEL; 16yrs of age am learning about the relationship between Hamilton Grammar and DASHS. Today I made my first podcast.

I like football and volleyball.

Odonkor Abigail

Odonkor Abigail is my name;17yrs of age. I study business. I love to sing and dance.

Robert Osei Forson

I am the headmastyer of Donkorkrom Agric. i sent my warmest greetings to the staff and pupils of Hamilton Grammar school in Scotland. Thanks for your visit and support.


I am a studen

Jessica Hendry

I am visiting Donkorkrom with my colleagues and friends from Scotland. We have been warmly welcomed and have learned many things about Ghana during our visit.

Thank you for having us here.

Stewart Munro

I am a Director of an Insurance Brokers in Scotland, I am visiting Donkorkrom with my Friends from Hamilton Gramer School, I have been warmly welcomed by all at the School (DASHS). I have enjoyed meeting many of the Staff and Pupils. I am looking forward to hearing Auld Lang Syne sung by the School Pupils. Thank you for your hospitality.

Our First Post Between Partners in Ghana and Scotland!

Hello, this is Mr McGowan writing to you from Donkorkrom Agric Senior High School in Donkorkrom, Afram Plains.

We are in DASHS just now in the ICT lab and we are working together on blogging, podcasting, and video.

The visitors from Hamilton Grammar are having a great time and have been well looked after by our hosts.

I will now let my ICT counterpart in DASHS say a few words.

My name is Elorm. I am an ICT tutor in DASHS. The ICT Department is grateful for having you as partners.
Welcome to the blog to celebrate the links between Hamilton Grammar School in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, and Donkorkrom Agricultural School in Ghana.


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